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($8.33 per month*)
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All Zoukak Theatre Circle members receive the following benefits

Contribute to Zoukak mission!

Theatre Circle 1: contribute with 100 USD per year and get the following benefits:

o 1 free ticket to every event organized by Zoukak

o 1 free ticket with each ticket you buy for any event organized in collaboration with Zoukak

o 50% on all the workshops organized by Zoukak

Theatre Circle 2: contribute with 500 USD per year and get the following benefits:

o All the Support benefits stated above

o The possibility to organize your private event in Zoukak Studio.

Your contribution can be paid directly to Zoukak, For details contact us.

Or at the bank:

Account name: "Association Zoukak"
Account number: 002-004-369-721370-03-5 (Currency: USD)
number: lb64001900002004369721370035


How to Volunteer?

Get Involved with us…  On Set! Do you enjoy watching rehearsals and getting to know how a show is created? We have several productions per year, and we often need assistance throughout the creation process. Through Relationships! Our aim is to reach out to the biggest audience possible, please let us know if you are interested in connecting us with your friends and acquaintances. Be the Event Organizer! Especially if you enjoy planning a big party and get creative in making your ideas see the light? We host a number of events per year; you can join us and engage in the art of partying and events management. Or maybe you simply enjoy taking photos and shooting videos of work in progress and events? Document! Be this extra eye that follows the happening.

Contact us and we will be happy to connect with you!

For more details, contact us. And we will be happy to connect with you!

We thank you for your commitment to Zoukak and we hope to see you soon at Zoukak Studio