Marie-Madeleine d’Artemisia Gentileschi puts her right hand on her heart, extends her left hand and, in a look of rapture surrenders to the other.
The loved object, the one desired outside the self. We are moved by it.
Incarnating the gestural quality and expression of baroque painting by attempting to reanimate these frozen instants; but when it comes to my own body, equally moved by other desires, that which is visceral is imposed.


Presentation dates and locations:

The performance was presented between april 2010 and august 2013 in Casablanca (Moroco), Marseille and Aubagne, (France), Barcelona (Spain), Terni and Florence (Italy), and Beirut.

Production Year: 

Choreographed and performed by: Danya Hammoud
Produced by: L’Officina, atelier de production marseillais, France, in the frame of the “Miniatures”

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