While we witness many events being abused politically by manipulative media, diverting the truth, can we as theatre makers re-enact the moment when an actual past event had occurred, in an attempt to uncover the truth behind it, any truth. We would like to consider re-enactment as a way to take a position from historical and personal events, finding a way to change their course in the future; playing with re-enactment as a tool for a possible change, as a process of re-questioning the past.

This process of looking for the truth by theatrical re-enactment of actual events would be turned into a tool that links documentary to fiction. What is the line between truth and lies? What distance does this process create? How do we comment on these events, change them, and create omissions, additions? What is the role of memory here? How can we identify evidence? What is the role of a witnesses? Can the process of searching for the truth become more important than finding it?


Presentation dates and locations:

Presented in September 2016 in Williams College, Massachussetts.

Production Year: 
Play's Language: 


Directed by: Maya Zbib and Omar Abi Azar

Performed by: students of Williams College

Commissioned and produced by: Williams College, Massachussetts


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