A Memory For Forgetfulness

A theater adaptation of the prose poem by Mahmoud Darwish

"A Memory for Forgetfulness" records a single day of Darwish’s life in Beirut, during the Israeli invasion of 1982. "A Memory for Forgetfulness" is an active act of remembering against the forgetfulness of a deceiving history; where the attempt to survive the ruthless insanity of war by not suspending the quotidian, and carrying on daily routines like making morning coffee or simply walking on the street, becomes a heroic act. 

The play was performed in German by three actors from Krefeld and Monchengladbach City Theaters’ ensemble and ran between September 2013 and February 2015 in both theaters in Germany.


Presentation dates and locations:

Performed in German by three of the theater’s ensemble of actors: Daniel Minetti, Eva Spot and Bruno Winzen.

Commissioned and produced in 2013 as the ‘Non-European’ performance of the city theaters of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.

A Memory for Forgetfulness
Production Year: 
Play's Language: 

Directed by: Maya Zbib

Text by: Mahmoud Darwish

Adapted by: Maya Zbib and Omar Abi Azar

Translated by: Kristina Stuck

Dramaturgy: Barbara Kastner

Performed by: Daniel Minetti, Eva Spot and Bruno Winzen

Scenography by: Lydia Merkel

Digital moving image by: Maya Chami

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