Ish Ibka Smo Sod Jod…

In an exhibition hall, near a theater stage, seven actors, each stuck in one time zone, are separated from the general time of the presentation and from the theater stage onto which time flows. They are in a position based on a feeling of separation form the surroundings, a separation which could cognitively reach existence as a whole.
Their action is a repetition of one moment with all what it entails, they are in a conflict with movement and their conflict did not result from their fear of the mystery which overwhelms their being or their realization of the immense uselessness which clogs their eyes and noses, but it's a result of their loathing of all that. Those conflicts and deliverances quickly turn into a useless whirlwind which resembles that form which they just had freed themselves.
This installation-performance is based on a series of characters form Greek and Ancient Oriental mythology; Pandora, Gilgamesh, Sisyphus, Narcissus and Orpheus. The performers of these characters dwell in an icy cave similar to Hades' underworld and inside limited temporal and spatial frames without any connection between each other, as though they were in a womb which brings them back to the doom or to a dead life.
Over the course of an hour, and as the audience move freely between the characters/tableaus the two time frames collide, that of the performance with its characters and that of the gallery visitors, clashing with a world allowing no interaction, closed on itself and sinking in its own gut.


Presentation dates and locations:

Presented at Al-Madina theater in July 2007.

Ish Ibka Smo Sod Jod…
Production Year: 
Play's Language: 

Directed by: Junaid Sariedeen

Dramaturge: Omar Abi Azar

Assistant director: Zeina Kiwan

Performers: Lamia Abi Azar, Omar Abi Azar, Hashem Adnan, Mohammad Bani Hani, Chrystèle Khodr, Nisrine Massoud and Ara Safarian 

Vocalist: Hashem Adnan

Set design by: Hassan Choubassi

Set execution by: Sara Sraj

Costume design and execution by: Danya Hammoud

Costume execution by: Najat Madi

Light execution by: Mohammad Farhat

Graphic design by: Maya Chami

Executive producer: Roy Deeb

Produced by: Zoukak

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