Rana Aaraj


Rana  joined Zoukak in 2018 as Projects Coordinator, in order to broaden her professional horizon. Her motivation behind joining the performing art world is fueled by her interest in the many different means and art forms people use to project their personal thoughts and emotional experience in order to relate to one another. 

Rana  graduated from the Université St. Joseph with a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology. She worked for more than 6 years with youth groups, people of different gender identities and sexual orientations as part of her work with sexual reproductive health centers, and centers dealing with substance use and addiction. Before joining Zoukak Rana worked with Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center as the Harm Reduction Program Manager, implementing projects aiming at promoting bodily rights and informed decision-making.


She has also been an active member of Marsa, Sexual Health Center since 2014 where she is a Sexual Health Educator; providing written content, trainings and education sessions to various groups on topics regarding sexuality and gender identity, sexual health and sexual and reproductive health rights.

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