Mohamad Hamdan Co-Artistic Director and General Manager

Mohamad Hamdan is a mathematician, trainer in nonviolent communication & theatre production, strategy advisor, and a founding member of Zoukak Theatre. He acts as the general manager and co-artistic director of Zoukak, leads key production projects and participates in the collective creative devising processes of the theatre company. 

Mohamad’s focus revolves around people development and collective work sustainability. He has been practicing this focus in various contexts within the business and associations worlds, as well as within social movements and with various communities.

Mohamad studied Mathematical engineering at the Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées in France (2001). He then joined Murex, a worldwide leader in financial software. He worked with Murex between 2001 and 2013 in France, UAE and Lebanon, managing projects and client’ relationships.  In 2013, Mohamad completed a course on ‘Leadership, Organizing and Action’ delivered by Harvard University followed by ‘Train the Trainer’, delivered by CIPD, in the UK.  He then started designing and delivering training programs and consultancy services in communication, client care, leadership, social organizing and cultural management. Since 2016, he started his journey as a practitioner in nonviolent communication and worked on coupling Theatre and Nonviolent Communication as tools of self-growth and connection with others, and as an entry point to the creative processes.

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