Junaid Sarieddeen Co-Artistic Director and Theatre Maker

Junaid is a theatre actor, director, dramaturge, and a founding member of Beirut-based Zoukak Theatre Company (2006). And a member of the Sundance board of trustees since Oct 2019. He has directed several theatre plays with Zoukak and other artists including, "Ish Ibka…” (2007), "Lucena / Obedience Training" (2013), "Heavens" (2014), "The Jokers" (2017), and "36 Abbas street, Haifa" (2017). As a dramaturge, Junaid worked on several theatre and dance performances, including “Mahalli” (2012), “Fatmeh” (2014), “Leila’s Death” (2015), “May he rise…” (2017) and “NIGHT” (2019), and performed in more than 20 productions in the past fourteen years, touring in multiple cities and festivals around the world. Since 2016, he is a fellow artist of the Sundance Theatre Program where he took part in various Theatre Labs, both as a director and as a Dramaturge in the United States of America and in the MENA region. Establishing Zoukak has provided Junaid a broad experience in art direction, curating cultural events and festivals, in addition to the knowledge in the management of non-governmental and cultural associations on the national, regional and international contexts. He was a member of several initiatives focusing on cultural policies and other social and cultural issues in Lebanon including, censorship, public space, cultural heritage, and history. Junaid is a trainer on the use of theatre in various educational, social, and psychosocial contexts. With Zoukak, Junaid trains teachers, educators and leaders of activity centers, in addition to leading psychosocial interventions in different regions across Lebanon that target various communities and age groups; including drama-therapy workshops in different mediation techniques, in addition to the facilitation and creation of collective theatre performances with communities. He has conducted theatre classes in several schools; and in centers for children with special needs. For its artistic and social engagement, Zoukak received the Ibsen Scholarship award (2012), the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Euro-med Dialogue Award for social resilience and creativity (2014), the Honorary Citizenship of the City of Palermo (2017), the Praemium Imperial Award for Young Artists from the Japan Arts Association (2017), the Chirac Foundation Award of Culture for Peace (2017) and the Ellen Stewart International Award (2018). Junaid holds a BA in Theatre from the Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts, in addition to a BA in Philosophy from the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Lebanese University. At present, he is pursuing his Masters at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

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