Two Heads and a Hand: Lebanon tour

Friday, May 25, 2018

After being performed in front of 500 high school and university students, and following 3 public performances in Zoukak Studio, Beirut, “Two Heads and a Hand” by Zoukak Theatre Company will be performed 10 times in different locations across Lebanon.
Stemming from the company’s strong belief in the necessity of decentralizing theatre and culture, and as an outreach to communities living outside of Beirut, Zoukak kicks off its tour in Halba on June 7th, and will cover various regions in Lebanon. The tour will go on until July 7th, taking place in theatres, public libraries, municipalities and outdoor locations, and all performances will be free of charge and open to the public.

Tour Dates: 

7 June / 12:00 pm - CLAC (centre de Lecture et Activation Culturel), Halba 

11 June / 8:00 pm - CLAC (centre de Lecture et Activation Culturel), Kfardebian

21 June / 5:00 pm - Majdal Anjar Municipality, Majdel Anjar - in collaboration with Women Now

30 June / 9:00 pm - Hermel Public Library, Hermel 

1 July / 8:00 pm - Kaa Public Library, Kaa 

2 July / 7:00 pm - Sin el Fil Municipality, Sin el Fil 

5 July / 6:00 pm - Al Safadi Cultural Center, Tripoli

6 July / 8:00 pm - Beit el Fann, Tripoli


Two Heads and a Hand
Based on texts by Shakespeare

Two Heads and a Hand is based on a theatrical game, where three actors test their abilities to play brutal characters and acts on stage inspired from Shakespeare’s plays. The performance sheds the light on the whirlpool of violence that we witness in our daily lives, questioning its normalization and the extent of its effect on the audience. 

Performance language: Arabic

Devised and directed by: Lamia Abi Azar, Omar Abi Azar, Junaid  Sarieddeen and Maya Zbib
Performed by: Lamia Abi Azar, Junaid Sarieddine and Maya Zbib
Assistant director: Sari Shrayteh
Scenography: Jean Francois Garraud
Graphic design and digital art: Maya Chami
Produced by: Zoukak Theater Company
Supported by: Drosos