Zoukak Open Doors: Two heads and a Hand

Monday, April 23, 2018

Two Heads and a Hand will be performed daily from 23 April until 5 May, as part of Zoukak’s Open Doors for schools, where around 1000 university and high school students from different regions in Lebanon will come to watch the performance at Zoukak Studio and engage in a discussion with the team after each performance.

Shakespeare’s savage political commentaries on the government made of him a major political thinker. Since his early works, he asked his audience to consider questions that interrogate leadership: What does it mean to be a king? What constitutes a good ruler? When should a ruler be obeyed, or disobeyed? Can rebellion be justified? How is political power acquired and maintained? In this way, Shakespeare’s plays constitute a reflection on the concepts of leadership and power, like in any political or historical argumentation. In reading his plays, especially the histories, it is clear that political issues are at their core.
In most parts of the Arab world, individual power has been the norm of leadership. Dictators and certain political figures have been ruling over people’s lives for decades. Even in Lebanon, a country that has not experienced dictatorship, personality cults around certain leaders and male figures who have long been in government are imprinted on our culture. After the revolutions and the regimes that resulted from them, and the wars that followed and continue, and in the context of governmental inadequacy in Lebanon, power is shifting towards multiple and unexpected coalitions. And yet figures of patriarchy are still moving and shaking the region, which seems to be clinging on to images of ruthless authority. We are interested in asking Shakespeare’s questions today, in order to analyze and question the dominant archetypes of patriarchy in our context.

Devised and directed by: Junaid Sarieddeen, Maya Zbib, Omar Abi Azar and Lamia Abi Azar
Performed by: Maya Zbib,  Junaid Sarieddine and Lamia Abi Azar
Assistant director: Sari Shrayteh
Scenography: Jean Francois Garraud
Graphic design and digital art: Maya Chami
Produced by: Zoukak Theater Company
Supported by: Drosos

This performance was first presented in 2016, with the support of the British Council and Al Madina Theater and in collaboration with Nadim Deaibes on light and scenography.

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