Zoukak Theatre Mentorship Programme Results

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Following the call for project proposals launched in November 2017, two emerging artists, Lena Osseyran and Line Itani, were selected to benefit from Zoukak’s Theatre Mentorship Program and Production Support grant. Through this program, they will be able to develop their work through a 6-month mentorship program where Zoukak mentors will lead the artists to the completion of their desired projects from conception to execution. Zoukak will also provide the selected artists with technical, administrative and production support.
Each participant will receive the amount of 2500$ to support the creation of a new performance. The final performance or work-in-progress presentation will be shown in Zoukak Studio in June 2018.

Beneficiaries of the program:

Lena Osseyran
Lena Osseyran graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in 2016 with a degree in architecture. During her studies, she completed a double major in theatre at the Lebanese University’s Institute of Fine Arts. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in actor coaching at the Lebanese University. Her interests in architecture, theatre, psychology, and philosophy have contributed significantly to her academic achievements. In both institutions, her project entitled Purgatory was selected as the best final year project. Purgatory was at the intersection of both majors, and was focused on the body, emotions and the aesthetic experience in space.

Project: Adaptation of Hamlet Machine
An adaptation of the play Hamletmachine by German dramatist, Heiner Müller, which is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. By means of different visual scenarios, imagery, and cognitive behavior, the performance will implicate the machine as a representation of digital media and aesthetic environments on stage, using cyberspace. Lena will analyze and stimulate dramatic stories, childish games, and role-playing. The play’s soliloquies reveal the truth behind human representation and experience and are a form of both self-consciousness, and universal expression. 


Line Itani
Line Itani graduated from the Lebanese American university with a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual studies. Her senior film Brine (أُجاج) screened at the 24th European Film Festival in Beirut as part of the Lebanese Students' Short Films category. Line has also directed a physical performance, shown during Masrah al-Madina's Mishkal Festival in 2016. Line is interested in both theatre and film as a means to capture and create poetic images that often go unnoticed in everyday life. 
In her endeavor, she aims to discover the relationship between space, places and the human character, whether in fiction or reality. 

Project: Exuvie/ Ecdysis (working title)
Holed-up in an old Beiruti house decorated with her shed skin, Maaden flees the city's turbulence in an attempt to reach a clear train of thought. Suffering from an agonizing itch, she soon becomes distracted and drifts into her memories and reveries, only to realize that she has no more neighbours, or view on the sky and sea. Seeing no other solution, she heads down to the attic and starts digging until she can build a taller building from which she would have a proper view on the sea.