Zoukak Sidewalks Festival 2022 (24 November - 4 December)

Monday, November 7, 2022

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Zoukak Sidewalks Festival:

After three years, “Zoukak Sidewalks” is back for the year 2022, where we have put together a multigenerational interdisciplinary program of performances by prominent and upcoming local artists.  

Headlining the festival are artists that inspired us twenty years ago as we were forming our theater company, coming back to the stage with commissioned new works, and classic favorites. While "Zoukak’s co-production program", held within the festival, gives space to a number of young and emerging artists from the contemporary cultural scene in Lebanon, performing new works. 

The program includes theater and dance performances and music concerts, in addition to exciting discussions and talks with selected artists. The festival extends over 11 days, including 2 weekends, so parties are also on the menu!

 The festival will take place at the newly rebuilt and transformed Zoukak Theatre in addition to various cultural locations in Beirut.

We look forward to celebrating theater, music and dance in Lebanon's cultural scene.


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