Zoukak Junior: a new program of activities for children

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Zoukak Studio - Junior
a new program of activities for children

Zoukak Studio will be hosting a new program of activities, workshops and performances aimed for children and youth between 6 and 18 years old. The program includes monthly regular theatre classes, pop-up workshops and public performances for children and youth. 

The first 2 activities taking place within this program are Theatre Classes for Youth and Theatre and Storytelling Workshops. 

Theatre Classes for Youths
With Chrystèle Khodr

Every Friday at Zoukak Studio
3rd of May until the 31st of May

“Theater is like a gym for empathy. It’s where we can go to build up the muscles of compassion, to practice listening and understanding and engaging with other people. We practice sitting down, paying attention and learning from other people’s actions. We practice caring.”
The participants are invited to discover theatrical tools and storytelling techniques through themes and problematics that are linked to their everyday life. Each module is composed of five sessions while the fifth session is open to parents and/or close friends.

age group: 13-18 years old
5 sessions: every Friday starting the 3rd of May
Time: 4:30 to 6:00 pm
Location: Zoukak Studio
Price: 125,000 LL for the 5 sessions

To book a place:
By phone: 01570676
Through emailinfo@zoukak.org


Theatre and Storytelling Workshop
With Chrystele Khodr and Rania Zbib Daher

May 11th and May 25th from 11:00am until 1:00pm
(more dates to come, for more info: 01570676)

A workshop combining storytelling, crafts-making and theatre, aimed at children between 10 and 12 years old, given by Author Rania Zbib Daher and Theatre-maker Chrystèle Khodr.

The workshop offers an alternative form of activity, during which the children will work on developing their imagination and improving their skills of verbal and physical expression, being active mentally and physically, not just passive receivers.

Twice a month, for 3 hours, the workshop offers a storytelling session and different exercises related to story writing, crafts and theatre, that will result in a small theatre performance revolving around the stories that the children wrote and the objects they produced.

Age group: 10-12 years’ old
2 sessions: May 25th and June 1st 2019
Time: 10:00am until 1:00pm 
Location: Zoukak Studio 
Price: 40,000 per session

To book a place:
Ihjoz: https://ihjoz.com/events/4497
By phone: 01570676
Through emailinfo@zoukak.org

Upcoming Events

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