In My Heart’s Eye: The Love Project at Festival di Spoleto

Friday, June 28, 2019

Zoukak Theatre Company’s new creation, In My Heart’s Eye: The Love Project, will premiere at the Festival of Spoleto in Italy this month.  

In My Heart’s Eye: The Love Project explores love as a risk-taking drive that anchors us in the present moment, together. Like theatre, love takes place in the “here” and “now” and allows individuals to transform the irrevocability of their pasts and the projections of their futures into infinite possibilities in the present. Much of our literature studies human behavior by positing the inevitability of death at the core of any truth, as a fatality looming in the horizon and defining human action; framing “the end of the story”. But what if we were to study the middle of the story… the apex of the adventure of life, through instances of falling in love?
Inspired by love poetry of Arab Andalucía, a melting pot of cultures and religions and in many ways a symbol of tolerance and co-existence, and departing from a broad definition of love, this creation studies love as a succession of ephemeral moments that define people’s various journeys. Based on real love stories of people from different communities and cultures, especially those who have been through difficult circumstances and who have encountered love in unexpected places, the performance questions how love has affected their paths and their views of the world.

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