"May He Rise and Smell the Fragrance" by Ali Chahrour at the Festival d’Avignon

Thursday, July 12, 2018

“May He Rise and Smell the Frangrance”, a dance performance by Ali Chahrour, will be performed at the Avignon Festival in France for four consecutive nights this July. It is Ali’s third production to be performed at the festival.  
The performances concludes Ali’s trilogy on mourning rituals, their rich repertoire of movement, and the presence of the body. Following “Fatmeh” and “Leila’s Death”, “May He Rise” draws on lamentations, mourning, dance, stories and legends summoned from Arab memory and local movement styles—specifically from the region of Mesopotamia, also known as the Black Grounds.
In this trilogy, we dance to the memory of those we love as free bodies, not as resigned corpses; we hover around them and shout their deaths like crows cawing, we rewrite the stories.
A Zoukak co-production. Dramaturgy by Junaid Sarieddeen

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