Long days and long nights

Monday, July 25, 2022

Zoukak Theatre closed its doors in January 2021 but the work never stopped. We carried on with our programs while catering to the changes happening around the country and the world. 

Our newly rebuilt and redesigned theatre is softly reopening its doors, space and heart to the cultural activities of resident/international artists in Karantina, Beirut.  

Initiating Zoukak’s comeback with a new board of trustees, the theatre is open once again to organize and host workshops, programs, rehearsals, events, and performances. 

Join us this week on Thursday July 28 and Friday July 29 to participate in the Joy Lab. This lab experience is conceived by Maya Zbib, created by Maya Zbib and Maya Chami

After that, on Friday July 29, Put on your Red Shoes Party is back with dance-pop, Electro-Chaabi, Oriental music with El Lahlouba and Lary BS. Doors open at 9:30pm.