Join our Team - Production & Operations Manager

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Join our team as a Production and Operations Manager to manage the production and operation aspects of Zoukak Theatre in general in addition to the events. You will coordinate effectively across a range of disciplines and with an artistic vision, reporting to the executive manager and working closely with the artistic directors and the members of the executive team. 

Deadline to apply: 31st of October 2022 before midnight. 
Starting Date: December 2022
Download full job description: Production & Operations Manager

How to apply: Please fill out this application form where you will be asked to upload your CV and answer a few questions. 

If you have any inquiries please contact us through email:


Main tasks: 

  • Inventories & Purchasing
    • Do regular inventory for all products (excluding technical ones & office supplies) such as water, food, cleaning products, refreshments etc. and do the purchase orders accordingly;
    • Do a bi-monthly inventory of the cafeteria and bar products and do the purchase orders accordingly;
    • Do periodic reviews of suppliers & providers’ conditions (excluding technical ones & office supplies): prices, services etc. to ensure optimal cost and operations.
  • Venue management
    • Develop the implementation of all safety processes such as exit signs, evacuation processes, fire extinction etc.
    • Take care of the venue furniture, objects & plants such as chairs, tables, kitchen tools, bar tools, ACs, routers, ventilators etc.: for maintenance, fixing if needed, protection, and storage;
    • Liaise with current or future providers as needed for maintenance & purchases (for electricity, fuel, water, ACs, plumbers, printer, routers etc.) in coordination with the management;
    • Is responsible for all external procedures needed for a good functioning of the space: for the phone, for the internet, any needed permits etc. 
    • Is in charge of the cleaner and of the logistician; 
    • Monitor the schedule of all venue human resources such as extra-cleaners, stage-hands (non-technical);
    • Develop the guidelines for a good functioning of the venue for the Staff and for the Guests.
  • Events management in the Venue:
    • Is in charge of the relationship with hosted guests - define the non-technical needs & ensure the technical ones are defined;
    • Develop quotations for the hosted guests;
    • Put in place a plan of actions in order to deliver a successful event including set-up, tickets management, bar operations etc.;
    • Ensure needed Human Resources/providers are available on Zoukak side to meet the action plan for the events’ delivery (cashiers, security, barmen, cleaners, ushers, hostesses, valet parking etc.);
    • Ensure all products needed for the event operations are available in the right quantities (beverages, cleaning, tissues etc.);
    • Is present during the on-site interventions of the partners: rehearsals, check-in etc., and coordinate the actions of the various actors from Zoukak and partners’ side;
    • Welcome the partner’s team;
    • Is in charge of the general security and safety measures;
    • Oversee the tickets cashier and the closure of its account (Omega platform);
    • Oversee the bar cashier and the closure of its account (Ihjoz platform or manual);
    • Periodic enhancement of the food and beverage offering;
    • Maintain revenues and expenditures related to the events;
    • Produce the listing of all events hosted in the venue.
  • Touring of performances inside and outside Lebanon
    • Ensure the details are clarified for meals, rooming, transport and do the needed actions to ensure they are well implemented (tickets bought, hotels booked etc.);
    • Ensure the transport of the set is successful with a focus on reduction of costs (contact shipment companies & travel companies, do the necessary procedures for Exit / Entry etc.).
  • Delivery processes 
    • Enhance standard operating procedures for the venue management based on experience (keys, accessibility, energy, waste management etc.);
    • Develop crowd orientation guidelines;
    • Review and develop safety procedures;
    • Enhance operational management of the events with the aim of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Upcoming Events

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