Join our Team - Monitoring & Development Manager

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Join our team as a Monitoring & Development Manager to design and implement the Monitoring, Evaluation and Development strategy for Zoukak. You will manage donors’ relations and support the expansion of Zoukak programs and activities in line with the strategic orientations of the organization while reporting to the executive manager.  

Deadline to apply: 31st of October 2022 before midnight. 
Starting Date: December 2022
Download full job description: Monitoring & Development Manager 

How to apply: Please fill out this application form where you will be asked to upload your CV and answer a few questions. 

If you have any inquiries please contact us through email:


Main tasks: 

General Tasks

  • Ensure the financial sustainability of the organization; design & implement a fundraising strategy;
  • Establish, Maintain, and Expand Partners’/Donors’ relations and collaborations;
  • Design and implement a strategy to generate revenue from the Venue (through rental) - produce a Venue Kit & implement a business development approach;
  • Produce projects’ proposals;
  • Produce projects’ budgets in collaboration with the executive manager;
  • Set the development strategy and KPIs for each project/year;
  • Design the activities and programs in collaboration with the Artistic Directors’ team;
  • Design the M&E plan and implementation processes (data type, data collection, evaluation etc.);
  • Ensure M&E Data collection;
  • Analyze M&E Data;
  • Produce donors’ narratives and reports (financial and non-financial);
  • Overview contracts’ preparation with donors, with consultants and with participants;
  • Produce the content of the yearly activity report;
  • Produce the portfolio of programs;
  • Ensure proper archiving of all documents related to the projects (proposal, contract, budget, M&E etc.);
  • Develop and Update a database of networks relative to each kind of programs (Collaborators, Partners, persons to invite, persons to gift etc.).


Detailed tasks per types of activities:

  • Overall:
    • Design the M&E plan
    • Ensure M&E data collection
    • Ensure Input of M&E data with the Project Officer and analyze the results
    • Produce the narrative report
    • Validate the financial control
    • Ensure the drafting & signature of contracts with the participants with the Project Officer


  • Specific:
    • Organizing  a workshop/training/mentorship program
      • Create the application form based on the target audience
      • Pre-assess the applications 
      • Design and implement follow-up with participants
      • Ensure the sustainability of the community of practice made by the participants
      • Follow-up on distribution of certificates as needed
    • Touring in theatres, schools, and communities 
      • Select the partner / theatre / school in collaboration with the team of Artistic Directors
      • Pitch the project for the selected partners and establish the terms of the partnership 
    • Hosting / Curating an event
      • Contact the guest artists/organizers and confirm participation 
      • Receive / approve requests
      • Prepare the quotations 
      • Ensure M&E data collection
    • Producing a publication 
      • Design strategies of distribution and promotion (launching events, partner collaboration to sell books etc.) 
      • Follow-up the diffusion and distribution

Qualifications and requirements

  • Previous experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Business Development, Fundraising, public relations, or other relevant professional fields;
  • At least 5 years of experience in the arts and culture sector and/or in the civil society/ development fields;
  • The capacity to manage the monitoring and development needs of various projects from beginning to end;
  • Fluency in Arabic, English. French is a plus;
  • Expertise in MS. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Skill required

  • Writing skills
  • Active Listening 
  • Active curiosity (the ability and habit to apply a sense of wonder and a desire to learn more)
  • Collaboration, and ability and willingness to work in a team
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Initiative and innovation
  • Self-development
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines 
  • Real interest in the arts and knowledge in theatre in particular is a plus

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