Closing of the 6th and final cycle of Training for Theatre Practitioners

Friday, July 10, 2020

On the 10th of July, after 3 months of lockdown and sessions through Zoom, the group from the Training of Theatre Practitioners in Psychosocial Mediation Techniques finally were together again at Zoukak Studio for the closing session of this cycle and this series of trainings for now. 

Some of the participants in this cycle had been attending this series of training with Zoukak for 4 years, others for 3 or 2 years. 

During the closing session, certificates were distributed to the participants, the group shared thoughts about their experience of working in theatre and the field of psychosocial support during to the pandemic, the social, political and economic crisis etc. The participants also reflected about the past 6 cycles of this training and discussed ways to ensure the continuity of this work within this group and with Zoukak. 


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