Call for Schools: Zoukak Open Doors

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Zoukak is opening its doors to high-school and university students throughout the months of January and February, to attend performances of "Two Heads and a Hand".

To all schools and professionals working in education, who are interested in inviting a class or a group of students to watch the play, please contact us through the following email address by the 18th of January 2019.

Two Heads and a Hand has toured in more than nine towns across Lebanon and France and was performed in front of hundreds of school and university students in 2018.

About the performance
In Two Heads and a Hand three actors test their abilities to play brutal characters and perform violent acts on stage. Based on some of Shakespeare’s plays that, like any political or historical argumentation, constitute a reflection on the concepts of leadership and power, the performance sheds the light on the vortex of violence that we are surrounded with, questioning its normalization and the effect of its representation on the audience.

Download the portfolio in English

Download the portfolio in Arabic