To Beirut - Recap of the two rounds

Sunday, January 10, 2021

In response to the Beirut Port Explosion that happened on  August 4th 2020, and the ongoing economic, political, and health crisis, Zoukak Cultural Association launched "To BEirut”, a grant for practitioners in the performing arts, funded by Sundance Institute. This initiative was a modest contribution, aiming to support the existence and sustainability of the performing arts sector in Lebanon, through direct monetary support to artists and practitioners who were affected on the personal and professional level by the events and the crises of the past year in addition to the devastating 4th of August Beirut port explosion.

The grants distributed through this initiative aimed at giving some agency to artists and workers in the performing arts field, living in Beirut and facing great difficulties in the midst of destruction, economic and political collapse, a global pandemic, and an uncertain future.

The initiative included 2 rounds, launched respectively in September and in October 2020, to which 86 individuals applied in total. The applications were examined by an independent jury and the selection was made based on the need, the plan to use the grant to continue working in Lebanon, and the overall eligibility (individuals working in the performing arts field). 

Within its two rounds, the To BEirut initiative distributed a total of 41,500 USD to 36 individuals (42% women and 58% men). 28,000 USD were distributed during the first round, while 13,500 USD were distributed within the second round.

Theatre artists, multidisciplinary artists, researchers, sound and light engineers, technicians and operators living in Beirut were supported during this difficult phase.