Announcing the emerging artists selected within Kawalis Zoukak - Generation Z Mentorship Program - 3rd Edition - 2023

Monday, July 3, 2023

Zoukak Theatre is proud to announce the names of the emerging artists who will benefit from the Generation Z Mentorship Program:  Dima Al Attar, Omar Bakeer, and Hussein Al Hasan working collectively on the project "The 'I' Inside Me" and Omar Ariss working on the project "It's Just Art". 


Within this program, the artists will be supported throughout the development of their projects over the course of 4 to 6 months, each accompanied by a Zoukak mentor. Zoukak will also provide the selected artists with technical, administrative, financial, and production support, through group sessions and individual follow up with Zoukak’s team. Additionally, each artist will receive a grant to support the production.

The final performances or work-in-progress presentations will take place in October/November 2023.


Read more about the selected emerging artists and their projects: 

Omar Ariss

Omar Ariss is a multidisciplinary theatre artist pursuing a degree in both Performing Arts and Psychology at the Lebanese American University. With experience in acting and directing, Omar is exploring different aspects of the performing arts both onstage and offstage, and is set on taking different mediums of theater such as dance, movement, music and merging them together.


Two characters, a man and a woman, come to a theatre to watch a performance that turns out deeper than they imagined. they start discussing whether the feelings of the two actors on stage are real or fake. Every answer seems to keep leading to another question. Can they differentiate between reality and illusion in a world where everything is possible?




Dima Al Attar, Omar Bakeer, Hussein Al Hasan 


Dima Al-Attar is a Syrian doll maker born in 2003. She began her artistic journey in 2018 in Beirut, working during this period as a maker and puppeteer for dolls and masks of all kinds for various projects, including films and puppet theater performances.


Omar Bakeer is an actor, puppeteer, and dancer born in Syria in 2006, currently residing in Beirut. He started his career with a puppet theater group and participated in numerous theater and expressive dance performances, as well as in a film. He is now working as an independent artist.


Hussein Al Hasan is an Actor, Puppeteer and Artist born in Syria 2002, he began acting at the age of 15 with a puppet theater troupe in Beirut for 6 years. He recently started his freelance career as an artist and participated in several films, plays, collective art exhibitions, and live drawing shows.



Three teenage characters with different stories, they have a love for puppet theater, and move between normal life and an imaginary world of illogical thinking.