23 grants distributed within "To Beirut"

Thursday, October 22, 2020

In september 2020, Zoukak launched the first call within the "To BEirut" initiative, 23 people were chosen from a pool of 62 applicants, to receive support.

The total amount granted was 28,000$ divided into individual grants distributed as follows:

- 17,4% ranging between 500$ and 750$;
- 56,6% ranging between 1000$ and 1300$; 
- 26 % ranging between 1500$ and 2000$;
- 52% of the granted applicants are women and 48% of them are men.

The applications were assessed by a committee whose members possess the knowledge and experience in performing arts that would ensure their ability to connect to the needs and professional paths of the participants.

The committee took into consideration various criteria for the selection process, the criteria included the applicant's nature and field of work, their need, and the extent of the effect of the situation on their work and income in terms of economic crisis, the pandemic, and the horrific explosion of Beirut's Port, additionally the committee took into consideration the importance of this grant on the applicant's personal and professional journeys. 

Out of respect for the privacy of the applicants and the selection committee, we will not be revealing any names. 
However we would like to share some feedback from the committee members: 

“The selection process for the grant was extremely difficult, due to the fact that the needs identified exceeded the available resources by far and that most of those who applied were eligible. The choices we made in the jury were extremely intricate, relying sometimes on minor differences to select one applicant over the other. We were adamant not to give a small amount to everyone, but to really think, with a lot of care and attention, about each case, its specific request, and how it is presented in the application. We hope to be able to fill more gaps in the near future”

“It was difficult to select the recipients of the grants, because I would have liked to give support to everyone who applied, but unfortunately this could not be done with the resources available. So we chose to prioritize the applicants who work in the performing arts, we excluded the applicants who had already received grants, and prioritized applicants who were directly affected by the explosion, who lost their homes or studios or workplaces, as well as people whose work has been stopped since the spread of Covid-19 and who have not been generating any income for months.”

“We focused on applicants who have lost their source of income and are struggling to survive after the explosion, and on applicants from the performing arts field who are at risk of losing everything, we prioritized people who really would depend on this grant to survive for a few more months and keep working. We shortlisted the applicants who do not already have a steady income, and who had not received other grants, we took into consideration the needs more than the future projects of the applicants. I wish we could have granted everyone because all of the 62 applicants are in need of this support during this period”

A new call for applications within this initiative will be launched in the end of October, to which practitioners from the field of performing arts are invited to apply.