Dogma: Online workshop

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 20:00 to 22:00

Dogma - Online workshop
Facilitated by Sabine Winterfeldt
Thursday 21st of January, 8pm -10pm (Beirut time) through Zoom

Places are limited, register by sending an email to
Workshop Language: English

During this Workshop, we explore our individual private beliefs, the personal truths and expressions of inner models that we continuously design and redesign in order to orientate ourselves within our worlds. These beliefs (positive or negative) are assumptions through which we explain how the world works for each one of us. 

Although reality is perceived individually and feeds our beliefs, our personal truths and our assumptions daily, in groups, awareness of one's own beliefs combined with non-judgmental listening in a protected space leads to a freer and more peaceful form of communication.

Theater offers us the possibility to experience this in a playful way, because the "distance through fictionality" gives us the possibility to look at your own beliefs from the outside and in a playful way.

The workshop is held by Sabine Winterfeldt, actress and Director living in Berlin, Germany




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Artistic Workshop
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In Collaboration