Dealing with difficult conversations - 2 days with LIV LARSSON live in Lebanon at Bossa Nova Hotel Beirut - Sin El Fil

Thursday, April 13, 2023 - 09:00

Dealing with difficult conversations - 2 days with LIV LARSSON live in Lebanon at Bossa Nova Hotel Beirut - Sin El Fil - April 13 & 14

Communication is a tricky matter. Sometimes it flows and we hardly notice the interaction with others. And then, and the connection with the other is broken, what happened?
This is a training with the focus on how to express ourselves in a way that creates and maintains connection in human relationships. We look at how  to be honest, how to say no, without contributing to disconnection. The training includes a lot of practical exercises so come prepared with examples from your own life and curiosity on how you can communicate even in challenging situations.
We will practise how to hear and say no, how to give and receive feedback in a flow in between theory and practise. A chance to learn how to stay true to yourself and still contribute to cooperation with others.

At the end of this day, you are connected with:

  • how to create connection even when it’s challenging
  • what to listen for when you want to cooperate with other
  • finding your own contours and voice
  • creating acceptance for your own shortcomings
  • how to enjoy your own strengths and gifts


Trainer Bio:

Liv Larsson is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for more than 20 years. She is the author of 22 books and active as a mediator and a trainer worldwide. She was trained by Marshall Rosenberg, the man behind Nonviolent Communication.

Liv is also a mediator mainly working with conflicts between the indigenous group in Scandinavia, the Same and forest and mining industries. Also holds a masters degree in Literature and Creative writing.

Giving trainings all over the world on different themes and for different audiences since twenty years. Embracing Shame, empathy, vulnerability and power is at the core of all Livs work. She is a mother of a growing teenager, is passionate about cross-country skiing and loves to spend time in nature and lives in the forest of northern Sweden with her family (including a cat and a dog).

Booking information

This event is organized by I Have Learned Academy & Zoukak Theatre

Booking: 160$

Early Bird (before 15 March): 150$ using the code EARLYBIRD on ihjoz

Cash transfer also accepted through OMT or Whish Money.

Just send us a WhatsApp on +9613614493 for instructions.

About the organizers:

Zoukak Theatre

Zoukak was created in 2006 as a horizontal theatre structure dedicated to artistic practice as necessary social and political involvement. Through each performance, Zoukak tackles topics that question the status-quo of the context it operates in and beyond. Zoukak has worked and performed regionally and internationally in festivals and venues and continues to present its work locally, in an effort to decentralize culture and reach audiences across Lebanon. Zoukak strives to diversify its theatre tools and apply them in various contexts: through social engagement, therapy and  education. It also aims to develop an environment of dialogue and reflection around the performing arts in Lebanon and to provide artistic development and training for local artists.

Zoukak received several awards, including, among others, the Ibsen Scholarship Award (2012), the Praemium Imperiale Grant for Young Artists from the Japan Arts Association (2017), and the Chirac Foundation Award of Culture for Peace (2017).

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