Beirut Drone '19

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 12:00 to Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 00:00

A seamless 12-hour sound & vision festival
Saturday 15th of June, from 12:00pm until 12:00am
Zoukak Studio

Zoukak Studio is happy to host Beirut Drone '19, a seamless 12-hour sound and vision festival curated by Nathan Larson & Ziad Nawfal and organised by Ruptured & Lumen Project in collaboration with Woodwork Studios. 

Beirut Drone ’19 consists of one continuous music performance, 12 hours in length, played by 18 musicians from Lebanon and other various countries, taking turns on stage.
The music is seamless, in the sense that there is never any silence.... Each musician plays for 30-45 minutes. Artists are given the opportunity to do some overlap, some improvisation together.
There is no stage. There may be more than one space where players can perform. The audience is invited to lie down if they wish. This is a meditative, transcendent sort of experience.... For reference HERE is a video of a show in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, and HERE is another in Malmö, Sweden in 2017.

Jad Atoui (lb) - Vilhelm Bromander (se) - Tony Elieh (lb) - Charbel Haber (lb) - Gerda Holmqvist (se) - Maria w. Horn (se) - Sofia Jernberg (se) - Abed Kobeissy (lb) - Nathan Larson (us) - Stéphanie Merchak (lb) - Mme Chandelier (lb) - Jessica Moss (ca) - Sary Moussa (lb) - Jawad Nawfal (lb) - Youmna Saba (lb) - Mika Takehara (jp) - Wildbirds and Peacedrums (se)

Firas el-Hallak (lb) - Ayman Nahle (lb) - Elyse Tabet (lb)

Produced by Lina Enqvist & Nathan Larson
Production managers: Ziad Moukarzel & Ziad Nawfal
Sound manager: Ziad Moukarzel [Woodwork Studios]
Stage manager: Jad Atoui
Light design: Nadim Deaibes
Design & video trailer: bananamonkey.

Event Location: 

Zoukak Theatre

506 Corniche du Fleuve River Bridge Saloumi Building, first floor
Karantina , Beirut
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