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other events

"Artworks & Landmarks seminar" August 2013
The Seminar artworks & landmarks created by C'rap (Toni Cots), intends to approach the cross-disciplinary / inter-media practices of contemporary artworks,with the intention to breakdown boundaries by studying and interrogating its cultural contexts rather than its disciplinary practices. The Seminar also intends to provide a critical framework for contemporary practice that is concerned more with ideas of process, mobility, flow, displacement and transmission, than with form, object, materials, and techniques. Therefore its program
seeks to provide an understanding that can reflect, position, or map the shifting role of artwork in contemporary culture.

Artworks & landmarks is a practice-led and a theoretical research into the circulation, distribution and dispersal of artwork as a
cultural subject. Since currently, contemporary art practices are positioned in relation to cultural, political and social contexts,
the focus of the seminar program is primarily to analyze and research the strategies that appropriate and shape and thereby
inhabit these contexts. The overall objective of the seminar is to invite a small group of participants to question and expand the notion of
contemporary arts practices related to the concept of displacement in different cultural contexts of the Mediterranean area. The
program is based on applied artistic fieldwork research throughout a mobility period in Barcelona, Beirut / Lebanon, and Rome.
The Beirut period will be hosted and organised by Zoukak.

"Miniatures" in Beirut July 2012
“Miniatures” is a project brought forth by L’Officina (www.officina.org), over a period of five years. It is a project of itinerant creation, emphasising dialogue and exchange between artists of the Mediterranean basin, around the same theme of 'love' and the relation to the other. Each invited artist creates in one week his/her miniature proposition on the suggested theme. This project aims to allow for an exchange of visions on male/female relationships through a diversity of creations conceived by the invited artists.

The collaboration between Zoukak and l’officina on the Miniatures project started in 2010, with the residency of Danya Hammoud in Morocco, and the presentation of her miniature in France, Spain and Italy. In 2011 and 2012, two other artists from Lebanon joined the project with a residency in Marseille, Omar Abi Azar and Khouloud Yassine.

In may 2012, Zoukak and l’Officina, collaborated together in order to present a series of 6 miniatures in Beirut.
These short performances were presented in several homes and cultural spaces in the area of Furn-el chebback, as a itinerant trajectory, where the public followed a guide from one place to another, from an artist proposition to another, as if invited to his/her own intimate space.
The artists who participated in “Miniatures Beirut” were: Laurent Pichaud and Arnaud Saury from France. Pere Faura from Spain and Omar Abi Azar, Danya Hammoud and Khouloud Yassine from Lebanon.
For more information about the project please visit HYPERLINK "http://www.miniatures.officinae.fr" www.miniatures.officinae.fr

"Education Through Art Practice", July 2010
The Education Through Art Practice project establishes different forms of work and thought. Rethinking the status of education, especially its role within artistic creation, is today crucial, since we often notice that artistic creation is product-oriented and that it does not allow any space for research nor, consequently, learning through research. In order to create new forms and establish the conditions for different thought, we need to encourage research and establish situations that allow an open, but critical debate. A network of experts in various fields potentially makes possible the creation of a platform as a testing ground for thought, creation, questioning one’s own position and “the value of an artwork” and, last but not least, an opportunity to create new forms and approaches to artistic creation.

A part of this project was hosted in Zoukak Studio in Beirut in July 2010, with invited thinkers Toni Cots, Marina Graces and Maska, Jasmina Založnik and cultural operator Shaymaa Ramzi.

The project was supported by: Anna Lindh Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Roberto Cimetta Fund
Partners: MASKA; Anna Lindh Foundation; L'animal a l’esquena, ZOUKAK, Cankarjev dom