The Studio

In January 2017, Zoukak moved to a larger multifaceted cultural space, located in the Karantina region, next to Beirut’s River Bridge. The venue includes a rehearsal room, a technically equipped performance space, a café/bar and a meeting space for public gatherings.

Zoukak Studio was established in 2008, first and foremost as a meeting point, a place where artists and students gather for practical research and reflection around processes of artistic creation, stemming from the company’s aim of developing a dialogue of exchange and sharing of experiences, and providing local practitioners with a space to experiment. The space has served as a rehearsal studio for local practitioners, producing and supporting over 30 theatre and dance performances to date.

Several performances and open studio presentations of the company's work and the work of local and international artists has been presented in the studio, allowing audience members and amateurs, to have an insight on new performance work in all its stages and enabling the artists to confront their work while creating it.

Over the years local and international artists were invited to present their performances, give workshops, master classes, artist talks and seminars.

There have been regular dance and theatre classes for children, teenagers and adults in the studio, led by Zoukak members and by local theatre-makers. Additionally, Zoukak has led several drama therapy workshops in the studio with various communities.

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