drama therapy sessions, workshops & presentations

drama therapy sessions, workshops & presentations

1-April 2006 - present
Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation project
Drama therapy sessions with children with special needs, at the Habilitation Preschool of Mar Elias Palestinian Camp, Beirut, Lebanon.

This laboratory has been developed through merging drama therapy techniques of intervention with other therapeutic assistance methods, the children need in order to be able to access physical, mental and vocal communication skills like physiotherapy, speech therapy, ergo therapy and special education. It aims to create and develop a space of expression and exploration of the imaginary for children with severe multiple disabilities, in which they can, through the fiction of theater, explore their feelings and act like other children do spontaneously. This laboratory has developed a particular methodology of intervention that fits the abilities of the children and supports their emotional development and improvement in a space were magic could happen.     

2- November 2012- March 2013
“Drama therapy workshop and performance” on violence against women with women victim of domestic violence.
It is a well-known fact that the main problem with violence against women is it being kept a secret .This activity consists in a workshop aiming at empowering women victim of domestic violence by giving them practical tools to tell their own stories in imaginative and safe ways.

3- September-December 2011
Drama therapy workshop culminating in a public presentation with a group of women. Within A project entitled “Center for rehabilitation of victims of violence - Kafa listening and Counseling Center as a national model” with kafa association “enough violence and exploitation”.

4- July-Oct 2010   
Drama therapy workshop with Iraqi refugees culminating in a public presentation “The immigration towards” at Sunflower Theater, Tayouneh, Beirut.
Amel association project “Direct assistance to Iraqi refugees through the Provision of psychosocial support and recreational activities”

5- December 2009
Process Drama intervention at Inner climate souk, a workshop organized by n- applied research creativity communit”. Souk el ghareb, Mount of Lebanon.

6- March 2007- 2012
Drama therapy laboratory with incarcerated youth, Roumieh jail, Lebanon.
This laboratory has been structured in cycles of 3 months workshops with incarcerated youth, were theater has been presented as a space to think and reflect in an alternative way and as an arena that allows saying loudly and directly what one wishes to say. Each cycle was concluded by a performance done by the youth in jail, some of these performances had been opened to a private outside audience in addition to the public of incarcerated persons.
A Foundation Pere Afif Osseiran project

photo by creg lamarque