theatre workshops & performances

theatre workshops & performances

1- “Group story weaving and performance” October 2012.
Zoukak was invited by Assabil association to facilitate a training with 5 groups from 5 different generations in 5 different areas in Lebanon (Sibeel, Beirut, Hermel, Saida and Baakline) to prepare the participants to build together a common story around the theme of “the people want...”.
The objective of this activity was to build a dialogue between the different cultural components of the Lebanese society and to create an indirect confrontation. By the end of this story weaving activity, all participants met and performed it together on stage in Monnot Theater in Beirut. This performance included different forms of representation: theatre, dance, story telling, video, animation, painting and singing.

2-  “El day3a en Hekyit” ( If  the village could talk..) April - September 2012
A participatory theater activity in Nabatieh city and five different surrounding villages.
In collaboration with Y.N.C.A.

3- “Souk iltafehom” 2011

4- “Theater performance building workshop” October 2010 
A five-day workshop with Sudanese emigrant workers based on physical movement, resulting in a public performance called “Untitled”, at Sunflower Theater, Tayouneh, Beirut.
A project for Amel association.

5- "Ennos etteni" (the second half) February – June 2010
A theatre performance building & training with a group of youth, culminating in a theatre performance entitled “The second half”.
A “Y.N.C.A” project, Nabatiyeh, South of Lebanon.

6- "Story Weaving" December 2009 – April 2010
A series of workshops and performances in five public libraries culminating in one theatrical performance of the built story in Monnot Theatre, Beirut.
A project for “n- applied research creativity community”, in collaboration with Assabil association, entitled “our shared community story;

7- “Shou el Ossa, Ghayer Nassa” (what's the story? change its text) November - December 2009
Two interactive theater performances within an awareness campaign around the theme of mental disability in Al Bedawi camp, North of Lebanon and Al Bass camp, south of Lebanon.
This performance has been built on the basis of the forum theater of Augusto Boal, that has been revisited and adapted in relation to the context of work in the Palestinian camps. The texts of the performances were built around real stories that had been gathered from the population of the Palestinian camps. These stories expose in a direct way the alienation and violence, mentally disabled persons undergo in their daily life in several locations; in the street, at school, and at home.
A Handicap international project, in collaboration with the “Resource and orientation center for disability and Psychosocial issues”.

8- “Kayyoulet Mate”, July 2009
A theatre performance and social gathering around the tradition of “Jerba Mate’ ” drinking, by a Brazilian performer and Mate’ maker “Fabricio”, in Mecherfeh Village, Mount of Lebanon.

photo by randa mirza