"Perform-autopsy" is the english title of "Mashrah Watani".
"Mashrah" is the morgue in which the Autopsy of bodies, machines, old writings... and maybe thoughts, takes place.
"Watani" is what pretends to belong to or is produced in a specific country, like Lebanon for instance.
"Perform-Autopsy" is a theatre performance that puts history on the table of autopsy, questioning the individual and common responsibility towards past events that didn't pass unnoticed.
This performance gives the audience a chance to participate in a process of writing the unwritten history of Lebanon, relying on the popular memory of Lebanese people through the details, a memory which might be the only narrator of history.

Directed by Hashem Adnan
Written and performed by: Maya Zbib, Omar Abi Azar, Lamia Abi Azar, Junaid Sariedeen, Danya Hammoud and Hashem Adnan.
Scenography & light: kobayashi
Sound: George Abou Zeid

Since October 2012, "Perform Autopsy" has toured in more than 20 different locations across Lebanon.

A project in partnership with SDC & War Child Holland, funded by Liberty Foundation and the Swiss Embassy

Date of creation: 
October 2012
photo by hussein baydoun