nes bsamni w nes bzet: street performance

nes bsamni w nes bzet: street performance

"Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit" is a 35 minute street performance with giant puppets, with a text based on Kafa’s documentation of testimonies of victims of domestic violence in Lebanon. Starting with a marriage-funeral procession, the performance uses local proverbs and twists popular sayings and to shed the light on the situation of thousands of women who have no law to protect them against abuse. Through a direct address to the public, "Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit" exposes the daily horrid experiences of these women as a cry supporting the decree of the law against domestic violence in Lebanon.

"Nes bsamneh w nes bzeit" is a lebanese saying meaning "some people are smeared with oil and others with grease" symbolising the difference in rank and pointing out discrimination.

Written by Zoukak Company
Performed by Lamia Abi Azar, Omar Abi Azar, Hashem Adnan, Maya Zbib
Coproduction Kafa/Zoukak within “16 days of activism against gender based violence 2011:Towards Protection of Women".

Presented in July and August 2012 in various streets across Lebanon (souk sabra, ain el mrayseh, hamra street, tarik saida al adimeh, place sasine, baalbeck, yamouneh).

A project in partnership with Kafa association “enough violence and exploitation”.

Date of creation: 
June 2011
photo by randa mirza