meen el-battal?

meen el-battal?

“Man moves in order to satisfy a need.”
Rudolph Laban.

You will enter, I will be waiting for you. I will start. You will be here. When you leave, it will continue.
To reveal a form, to get exposed, to look and to be looked at.
An editing of situations.
When does the movement start, when does it fail?
When does the movement start to talk?

Choreographed and performed by Danya Hammoud.
Sound creation: Cynthia Zaven.
Light design: Ramy Sabbagh.
Set design : Danya Hammoud and Camille Renahrd.

A Zoukak production funded by YATF (Young Arab Theatre Fund).

Presented at Bipod Dance Festival Beirut, Lebanon, in April 2007, and at CRT, short formats Festival, Milan, Italy in November 2007.

Date of creation: 
April 2007