Listening to Walls Wear Off their Colour (working title) - A multi-disciplinary performance by Maya Zbib, Lee Serle and Mateo Lopez

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Within the constant displacement of people and cultures and global demographic shifts, how can we create a space for contemplation and reflection? In today’s metropolises, people cross paths continuously and rarely meet. Fear of the other, intolerance, isolation and loneliness plague our contemporary societies.
To engage in an act of love towards a stranger is a resistance.
To see each other differently is a decision.
To connect to one's feelings is a political act.
The performance forms an ever-shifting landscape and architecture of frames, revealing and concealing a myriad of fictive characters, and of moving bodies. We follow their stories in abstract narratives; they can be anyone. How can an individual story trace the lines of a collective one?
When we flit from one topic to another, floating between the past, present, and future, between our memories, fears and desires, between external and internal worlds as an active observation of our stream of consciousness... allow the mind to wander, reflect, fantasize, and relive stories. Can this elicit new and surprising thought connections leading to new emotions? A new way to see the world? Can we open up a space for love amidst the overwhelming Xenophobia?

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