Theatre companies:
- Duzieu Dans Les Bleus (France).
- Athletes of the Heart (UK).

Art structures:
- Cra’p – pràctiques de creació i recerca artística, Mollet (Barcelona, Spain)
-Officina (Atelier de production Marseillais), MARSEILLE –FRANCE.
- Ibsen awards.
-CNDC, superior School of Contemporary Dance, Angers, France.,
-Coccon Dance, Bonn, Germany.
-Azala, Spain.,
-Zico House.,
-Minus 5.
- Shams:
- Monot Theatre
- Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Theatre :

-KAFA (enough) violence & explotation (Lebanon,Badaro),
-Handicap International (Lebanon)."
-Alpha,Lebanese Association for literacy and human protection.(Tebnine, South Lebanon).
- Assabil Association (Lebanon) ;
-War Child Holland.
-Sustainable ddemocracy center. SDC.

Supporters and funders:
(structures that funded or supported us on various projects)

-The British Council (Lebanon).
-The French Institut (Beirut).
-Swiss Embassy.

-Abaydieh Municipality (Mount Lebanon) –
-Amers editions