Thursday, May 31, 2018 - 20:30

Contact _ تواصل
May 31st and June 1 and June 2, 2018 at 8:30 pm
at Zoukak Studio, Beirut


Pierre Geagea: Dance & Choreography
Georg Kroneis: Viola & Vocals

Contact _ تواصل is a poetic performance combining music, singing, dancing, speech and sign language following the basic concept of contact between human beings (musician - dancer), between communicators (spoken language - sign language), as well as between cultures, by putting focus on the symbolism of language and reflecting the respect that an individual owes to another during interaction. All the lyrics will be simultaneously translated into sign language.

Pierre Geagea was born deaf. Not being able to communicate during his childhood, he has discovered his own way to freely express his emotions and his thoughts through his body and hands. He participated in numerous worldwide shows before developing his own solo performances Mother Tongue and Entre-Chains. Performing in Lebanon and Europe, Pierre Geagea combines contemporary dance with sign language integrating ideas of challenges a deaf person experiences when trying to communicate within society.

Georg Kroneis is an Austrian singer songwriter playing viola da gamba. His instrumental music as well as his songs are very much based on early music from the times of Shakespeare translated into the 21st century. He performs solo in festivals all over Europe.

Together, Georg Kroneis and Pierre Geagea have prepared a new performance called Contact _ تواصل, putting thoughts to words and transforming the hidden language of the soul into movement.

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Zoukak Studio

Cornich EL Nahr Crossroad Armenia Street
Achrafieh , Beirut
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